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In a sorcery temple. After wwW and all the ancestral temples discuss the matter of destroying the demon. Officially opened the curtain of "Lich husband Gong wa". In the sorcery clan, there is already a big sorcerer leading the tribal warriors to start clearing the nearby demon clan. Within a few days, the battlefield spread to the whole flood and famine, and the human race and the sorcery race intermarried and had a close relationship, and were also involved in it. Cooperate with the sorcery clan to attack the demon clan. For a time, the prehistoric demons fell into a passive position and fell into the downwind. On Yingtai Mountain, Mingyu often preached for his disciples after he saved himself from the Great True Man. Da Jue's predecessor is the prince of the demon clan, and his practice is also the method of the demon clan. Now, after being thrown into Yingtai Mountain, he transforms his demon power with the Qi refined from the True Sutra of the Sun, and is often unable to get out of seclusion. Although the big prince does not have much combat experience, but after all, the birth is extraordinary, is bred by the sun star, the emperor's own blood, the root foot is no worse than the cloud neutron. Before he worshipped Mingyu as his teacher, he was already in the state of attaining the Tao. Practicing the authentic method of refining qi now is full of demon power. If all of them are transformed into the celestial light of the sun, it will take three or five thousand years. With the Lich fighting, Mingyu sensed it. Now the catastrophe has begun, and the secret is unknown. If you walk in the way of the sage of Ming Yu,beam impact tubes, you can't see the secret of heaven. Fortunately, however, he was a big cheater, knowing that the two clans would end up losing both sides. I don't care much. Mingyu doesn't care about the Lich War. Doesn't mean the other saints don't care. The battle affected most of the people, and the most anxious one was the Taoist Taiqing, the leader of the people's religion. Mingyu has finished preaching with his disciples today, and is realizing the Great Way in the Infinite Golden Palace. Suddenly a boy in Tsing Yi came in and bowed to Mingyu. "Teacher, the boy with the golden horn has brought a jade amulet." "Isn't the boy with the Golden Horn a disciple of the Taoist friends of Taiqing?" Mingyu glanced up at the boy and asked. It is the boy under the door of the sage of Taiqing! The boy in Tsing Yi handed the jade charm to Ming Yu. After receiving the jade amulet and scanning the information inside,impact beam tubes, Mingyu's mind moved. Taiqing Daozhi invited himself to Shouyang Mountain at this time, but he was afraid that it was not as simple as being a guest on Taoism. Must be for the sorcery clan war, now the secret is deceived, even the respect of the sage can not calculate. Taiqing Taoist is in a hurry, ha ha ha. The boy in Tsing Yi was waiting for Mingyu's reply when he saw Mingyu suddenly laughing, somewhat inexplicable. You go to reply to the Golden Horn Boy and say that you will go to Shouyang Mountain to visit Taiqing Daoyou after explaining to your teacher. Hearing Mingyu's order, the boy in Tsing Yi quickly calmed down and said to Mingyu, "I'm going now!" Then he turned and walked out of the Infinite Golden Palace. When the boy in Tsing Yi entered the Infinite Golden Palace again, Mingyu told him, "Now the Lich War has begun. This battle involves the great plunder of heaven and earth. At the invitation of the Taoist of Taiqing, I want to go to Shouyang Mountain.". You go and tell Yun Zhongzi to restrain the disciples and don't go out. After hearing Mingyu's exhortation, the boy in Tsing Yi nodded his head and said respectfully, "I understand. Is the teacher leaving now?" "Well, the Taoist jade amulet of Taiqing has already been received. I'm afraid it's a bit rude to be late.". If you are optimistic about the Infinite Golden Palace, Cold Drawn Tubes ,cold drawn tubes, if there is a predecessor, you will say that you will go out to visit friends as a teacher, more than three or five months, less than three or five years! "The teacher walks slowly, the disciple will certainly take care of everything in the palace!" Following Mingyu out of the Infinite Golden Palace, Qingyi bowed and said to Mingyu. After seeing Mingyu disappear, he took a look at Zijin Mountain and flew to Yunzhong. When a distinguished guest comes, the boy goes with his teacher to greet him. The Taoist of Taiqing in front of the alchemy furnace suddenly spoke to the boy of Silver Horn and stood up and walked out of the alchemy room. When the boy with the silver horn heard the Taoist Taiqing say so, he knew that he must be the sage of Mingyu in Yingtai Mountain. Thought in the heart, the sage is really extraordinary, the golden horn has only gone for dozens of days, has not come back, Mingyu has arrived at Shouyang Mountain. Mingyu pressed the cloud head and saw a Taoist standing in front of Shouyang Mountain. Who else could there be if he was not a Taoist. He walked up to the Taiqing Taoist and bowed to him. "Lao Daoyou came out to greet me in person," he said with a smile. "I don't deserve it!" The last time he came to Shouyang Mountain, he waited until Taiqing and yuanshi finished playing chess. Now the Taoist of Taiqing came out to greet him in person, and Mingyu thought to herself. Daoyou, please come in and talk! Taiqing Taoist also did not say any polite words with Mingyu, and Mingyu invited him to enter Shouyang Mountain. After the two Taoists sat down one after another, Ming Yucai said to the Taiqing Taoist, "Taoist friends are the masters of human religion. Now the two Lich clans are fighting, which is different from the last disaster. I'm afraid we'll have to stop them in the end.". The Taoist friend invited the poor Taoist to come to Shouyang Mountain for the sake of this catastrophe, didn't he? Mingyu did not beat around the Bush with Taoist Taiqing, but sat down. Straight out about the Lich. After hearing Mingyu's words, Taoist Taiqing frowned. He invited Ming Yu really because of the Lich war, but not as Ming Yu said, wait until the Lich war to the end, come forward to block, but for the human race. When Ming Yu established the Ming religion, he said that the Ming religion was not a religion, and that overseas was the land of scattered immortals. Except for the Ming religion, the sages and Taoists could not preach overseas. He thought that if the Lich war spread more widely, he wanted Mingyu to open the sea ban for the human race. After the Lich war, the human race should be in high spirits, which is determined by the number of days. Younger Martial Brother, don't you want to go against the sky with your own strength? Taoist Taiqing suddenly asked. Taiqing Taoist called Mingyu Master as his younger brother, and Mingyu was also a registered disciple of Hongjun Taoist. Now that Taiqing Dao is playing the family card, Mingyu can't guess what Taiqing Dao is thinking. This time he came to discuss the latter part of the Lich War with Taiqing Taoist. Seeing that Taiqing had nothing to do with himself, he was speechless. Knowing that Taiqing was angry with him, he had just avoided the matter of the human race, and he also played Taijiquan with himself. Mingyu was very depressed. After a while, he said, "It is the number of days when the human race is in the ascendant. Naturally, I will not go against the sky.". But if the two clans really fight, they are afraid that the flood and famine will disappear. "You worry too much, Younger Martial Brother.". The number of days has its own reason for the number of days. Although we are saints,beam impact tubes, we cannot know all of them. How did the Younger Martial Brother know that the Lich could break the flood? Even if they had the ability, they didn't dare to mess up. Come to think of it, there will be twists and turns. Taifeng Taoist said slowly.

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